About Our Business
We are in the business of helping Facilities
Managers, Athletic Directors and Snow
Removal Specialists maintain their
artificial/synthetic turf through snowy winter

Our vision is to give our customers peace of
mind by saving them time and significantly
reducing operating costs.
TurfPlows™ are the
most reliable way to remove snow from
artificial/synthetic turf.

We use the measurements of your new or
existing plow to build customized
for your fleet. We perform the first-time
installation, or we can provide a first-time
installation DVD for your reference.

TurfPlows™ cover the cutting edge of a plow,
providing a low- friction method that glides
safely over your field . They fasten securely and
are designed with safety in mind.
About Us
Greg Lathrop is the
founder and inventor of
patent pending

™. With over
20 years experience in
snow removal, he will
get you properly
equipped and ready to
maintain a snow-free
synthetic turf field.