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What's New?    Prices Start at $300.00

Our company is ready and waiting to build you custom TurfPlows™ for the winter season. The
unique, patent-pending design allows you to switch from plowing the parking lot to clearing
snow from an artificial/synthetic turf field, quickly and safely. Our pric
ing and quality will beat
anything you might be spending hours on, trying to fabricate in-house.
Your crew will save time
and won't have to worry about damages that worn out rubber edges or brittle PVC might cause.
  • TurfPlow is an innovative, Patent Pending invention.
  • TurfPlows are economical, reliable, safe and durable, made of high quality steel.
  • Prices start at $300.00
  • Call Greg Lathrop at 970-390-6583, or click to use our "Contact Us" page.
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  • Facilities Managers, Owners, Coaches, Fans, Parents and Players will be happy
    because you saved the day in time for their big game!
TurfPlow™ by Flysh